Coach and Trusted Advisor

My name is Mads Qwist. I help leaders, teams and organizations to fully utilize their natural high performance

What I do

As a coach, I work primarily with developing leaders and management teams with the purpose of boosting their performance.

And as your trusted advisor, it is my role to cut to the chase and ask the difficult questions.

My method is to separate ambition from everyday in order to get to the core of which goal you think is worth striving for – and to help define how you reach it.

How I do it

Helping ambitious people utilize their full potential in any and every area of their life
Supporting executives in crystallizing their personal and corporate vision and succeeding with it throughout their leaders and organization
Helping leaders and teams succeed at a whole new level through designing and delivering 'state of Mind Leadership' programmes to organizations worldwide
Forming, training and supporting High Performance Teams in ambitious and/or high stake circumstances
Re/connecting parties to \the joined mission/ when collaboration is challenged yet crucial
Contributing in every possible way to support and nourish global change towards happiness, responsibility and collaboration

You have to be ambitious enough to dare challenge your current perspective of what is possible

- Mads Qwist

”Full of enthusiasm and wisdom”

"Mads Qwist is a bundle of enthusiasm and wisdom! His positive energy is contagious and his insights into what it takes to lead and perform at the highest levels of business are at a much deeper level than the typical coach or consultant.

If you want to go beyond improvement to transform your company, your team, and yourself, I highly recommend his work."

– Michael Neill, international bestselling author of 'The Inside-Out Revolution',

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Rediscover your mental strength

An online training course in six chapters designed to improve your understanding of your State of Mind, which will enable you to increase your mental strength. The course is based on three basic psychological principles regarding people's thoughts, our degree of consciousness, and our congenital wisdom and creativity.

Your State of Mind is essential to your interaction with your surroundings as well as to your perception of life. With the right understanding, you can increase your mental strength and happiness, and you will soon experience how it creates a ripple effect on other aspects of your life.

Introduction to the three principles
Practical examples
Activate new knowledge
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