Qwist & Co


Mads Qwist

Are you considering if I'm the right person to help you, your team or your company understand and release the mental potential? Or do you have specific questions about how I work or how I've helped others? Then let us have a non-binding dialogue.

I help companies of all sizes within both private, public and non-profit organizations. I also help individuals like managers, sportsmen, politicians and artists to release their mental potential to fulfill their goals and dreams.

You can arrange an appointment with Sanne, and then I will call you back.

Sanne Raunkjær Siglev

Sanne has the ultimate overview of the calendar, projects and administration. She handles inquiries from customers who want a dialogue about a possible collaboration or if you have questions about projects, services and activities on the website, online events, invoices and the like.

Sanne can be reached by phone 42461646 or email pa@madsqwist.com.

Booking of lectures

My Danish booking agency for lectures is www.athenas.dk and can be reached by phone 89932205 or email kpd@athenas.dk


My foreign booking agency for keynotes is www.a-speakers.comand can be contacted by phone UK +44 (0) 2037445675 or US +12472235128 or via email contact@a-speakers.com

”You do not get a good life from being successful. You will be successful because you have a good life.”

– Mads Qwist