Mads Qwist – Introduction to the framework of State of Mind

State of Mind is a new paradigm, that corrects the misunderstanding that outside factors determines how we experience life. It’s really the other way around. State of Mind is based on the three psychological principles of thought, consciousness and mind.

George Pransky - Introducing ‘The principles’

George has taught the principles for more than four decades. He is the world’s leading mentor and teacher of coaches in the three principles. George has brought the principles in to organizations all over the world on pretty much every area.

Michael Neill - What are the Three Principles?

This short description of “The three principles” is from a keynote on the 3PGC-conference (Three Principles Global Community) in Los Angeles in 2016.

Michael Neill - Why aren't we awesomer?

Michael’s TedX talk on the inside out paradigm and the principles behind the human experience of life.

Sydney Banks - Three Principles in animation

This is a great animated movie told by the founder of ”The three principles”, Sydney Banks.


The Inside Out Revolution

Author: Michael Neill

This is one of the best introductions to ”The three principles” og “the inside out” paradigm. It is in an easy understandable English and explains the subject in a simple way.

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The Relationship Handbook

Author: George Pransky

This book is one of the most famous books on ”The three principles” and that’s without even talking about the principles. This book points in various and easy understandable ways to the exciting and sometimes hard things in relationships – especially the relationship to your partner. Every couple should read this.

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The Little Book of Big Change

Author: Amy Johnson

This book offers a simple intake on how you can work with changes. Both personal and organizational. Amy is one of America’s leading experts on addiction and habits and she brings her expertise to the book in a simple and applicable way.

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Invisible Power

Author: Manning, Charbitt, Krot

This book is written by three of the world’s leading consultants applying “The three principles” to business. They have helped companies of all sizes solving unsolvable problems and made impossible changes. This is a practical book on the application of the principles in organizations.

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Author: Garret Kramer

This is the first book bringing “The principles” into the world of sports. Garret challenges with stile and respect your common view on mental training and shows the way to a much simpler ”high performance”.

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Parenting from the heart

Author: Jack Pransky

This book brings a loving focus on our children and on parenting. Jack shows us how we with the best intentions get in the way of doing what is best for our children (and ourselves as parents). The book holds both overall reflections and practical advice.

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Paradigm Shift

Author: Jack Pransky

This book is the historical overview on ”The three principles” and how they have spread for more than 40 years. The book describes the journey from an “ordinary” welder’s enlightenment to a psychological field. In the book there is interesting interviews with the psychologists, psychiatrists, practitioners, coaches and others who have been an important part of the journey. The book is for those who wants to understand the field behind “The three principles”.

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