Expert in human mental design

Mads Qwist is an expert in human mental design and in personal leadership, which should be seen not only in relation to work but also includes leadership in one's life and general existence. He lives to inspire and transform - for without this new knowledge becomes worthless alone.

Educationally, Mads Qwist has a background in psychology, social and psychological capital and has also studied leadership and performance in various contexts. In this regard, he has worked with the world's leading experts in Psychology of Mind (State of Mind). His workshops, courses and lectures bring him all over Europe and large parts of the United States, where he also trains and develops foreign leaders.

Today, he works as a consultant and trusted adviser to the management in a wide range of public and private companies and, in addition, conducts a lot of lectures throughout Europe about leadership, change, mental surplus, relationships and performance.

Through his activities, he helps people see and redeem their full potential and pave the way for more harmonious work and private life based on mental health and robustness.

Mads has among other things worked with Danica, Aldi, Novo Nordisk, Odense University Hospital, Carlsberg, Region Sjælland, Topdanmark, Danske Bank, Microsoft, The Danish Police and Nets.

Mads' force is his ability to speak at eye level to the specific leaders, management teams or teams he works with. Whether it's executives in Danske Bank or the Police, academics in the municipality or a group of craftsmen, he manages to speak directly to and with the people involved.

Through his many years of experience Mads knows, what drives people and gives them the courage to dare more. He knows how to create results and how to structure his approach so that it does not just stop with great words and great ideas, but actually results in concrete results.

Practical experience:

  • Founder and Managing Partner, Konsulenthus in Management and Organizational Development
  • Chief consultant and partner, Konsulenthus in the mental health environment
  • CEO, IT company within VoIP Communication
  • Owner, Consultant in commercial strategies
  • Consultant, Management consultancy

Theoretical background:

  • Transformative Coaching, Michael Neill's Super Coach Academy
  • Neuro Leadership, Neuro Leadership Institute
  • Strategic management and organizational development, University of Southern Denmark
  • Social and Psychological Capital, Copenhagen Business School
  • Certified in various behavioral psychological tools

”Full of enthusiasm and teaching”

"Mads Qwist is a bundle of enthusiasm and wisdom! His positive energy is contagious and his insights into what it takes to lead and perform at the highest levels of business are at a much deeper level than the typical coach or consultant.

If you want to go beyond improvement to transform your company, your team, and yourself, I highly recommend his work."

– Michael Neill, forfatter til den internationale bestseller The Inside-Out Revolution,

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