Lectures / Keynotes

Are you looking for a lecture or keynote that can do more than just entertain and inspire, then it's Mads you're looking for.

Regardless of the topic or occasion, it is always Mads' intention to create a space for reflection among participants, so they gain insights rather than get answers and transformation rather than inspiration - this is where sustainable and lasting change occurs.

At the same time, Mads is an excellent mediator who is always at eye level with his audience.

Read more about the different lectures here, or contact us if you have specific wishes for a lecture that is targeted precisely to your organization’s needs.

Leadership Development

Mads has helped executives at all levels in a large number of Danish and international companies develop, where the ultimate goal is always that the manager will succeed at what he/she wants. The aim is to work with the manager's mental clarity and energy, so that the manager can easily work towards their own and their employee’s best potential performance.

With greater mental energy and clarity, you naturally become more:
✓ Present
✓ Curious
✓ Creative
✓ Linked
✓ Brave
✓ Empowered

Team Development

Success is something we create together! When Mads works with teams, the starting point is that we are designed to be motivated and work well together, and the important point of focus is, that there are an infinite number of things that can disturb, challenge the culture, limit performance and get in the way of success. When you have a team or organization where you feel there is a lack of performance or can sense an untapped potential, give yourself time to notice what direction you want to go in. All progress is unique and starts with a non-binding dialogue about where you are, what direction you want to go in, and how Mads believes that he can help you.

Leadership Optimization

You have what it takes to succeed as a leader and as a person, but you also have a subconscious mental potential to create unique achievements in all areas of your life. If you feel that you want to meet your ambitions and challenges with more peace and clarity, then Mads offers a non-binding dialogue, where you can both find out, if there is a basis for co-operation.

Mads helps managers to:
✓ Optimize their management performance
✓ Make important (and complex) decisions
✓ Unleash creativity and courage
✓ Develop their team